Long overdue

    Jimmy Broadbent

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    Long overdue

    Post by Jimmy Broadbent on Sat 28 Feb - 18:43

    Hey guys!

    I'm Jimmy (obviously) and I've been a member of SROL since early 2013. I found the group through Paul Schuman, who invited me to the TS after a VEC race.

    One of my earliest memories is playing and replaying a F1 95 demo for the PS1. This + watching F1 with my father, was what got me into racing and eventually driving. I remained on the console until around 2012, where I purchased the first of many G27's. It was around then that I posted my first racing related video on YouTube of an AE86 @ Tsukuba. I like to think I've come on a bit since then... Wink

    Last year was my first tour as an admin, overseeing the 97 F1 series alongside Stephen Bailey. Although we had fewer numbers towards the end of the series, the group of people that remained provided close racing week in week out.

    Outside of the PC box, I'm a 3rd year photography undergrad and proud owner of a MK1 MX-5 Eunos...oh yeah, I'm also engaged bounce

    Kyran Parkin

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    Re: Long overdue

    Post by Kyran Parkin on Sat 28 Feb - 20:08

    Hey stranger, you seem like a damn dirty casual(insert emote) to me... looking forward (and technically backwards) to racing and beating you! Wink

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