Long time racer, short term lurker delurking


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    Long time racer, short term lurker delurking

    Post by Scautura on Tue 10 Mar - 7:33

    Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a simracer.

    I've been a simracer (on and off) for a long time (does Hard Drivin' count as a sim? What about Night Driver? Yeah, I'm old!) but haven't really been into multiplayer sim racing until much more recently (I signed up to iRacing last year). I can directly blame GripTV (and specifically Jimmy Razz) for this as I started watching their streams when I was signed off work for depression and it looked like so much fun (it helped my short term recovery).

    I am normally a hater of open wheelers (in general - you can sneeze on them and the fall apart ;P) but I'm taking part in the F1 2000 series. We'll see how well/badly I do!

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