Newcomer passionate about GSC


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    Newcomer passionate about GSC

    Post by emennocchi on Thu 2 Apr - 15:36

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Eduardo Mennocchi, Brazilian, 28, currently living in NJ, USA.
    I've been "racing" online since 2001, when I've joined the 1st STCC2 league in Brazil.
    Then I discovered Nascar Racing 4 and I would never be the same again. After that, I moved to 2002 and 2003 versions, until I stopped racing for a while in 2004.
    Came back to racing in rFactor in 2007 or 2008, then stopped once more due to the university/internship. Went back once more in 2012, already playing a little bit in iRacing, then once more I've dropped of. Last year, started racing once more, now on GTR2 and GSC, until I decided to move to the US.
    Now, after 3 months of shipping, I'm settled and ready to race. I was looking to race in any GSC-based series, since I've been in love for GSC Extreme and extremely passionate about their formulas - Classic and V12 are insane! Besides the CART mod now... oh my!

    Discovered SROL though Jimmy Broadbent and Matt Orr videos on Youtube - those guys are great.
    The league level seems extremely good and that's something that I'm looking forward now. Besides the fact that I'm getting crazy about GSC (ok, the engine is old, we all know that, but those Reiza guys are amazing!)...

    Ian Mills

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    Re: Newcomer passionate about GSC

    Post by Ian Mills on Thu 2 Apr - 16:15

    Hi there !

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    Re: Newcomer passionate about GSC

    Post by steviejb on Thu 2 Apr - 16:59

    Welcome Eduardo!

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    Re: Newcomer passionate about GSC

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