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    Post by Ryan Reed-Edwards on Sat 17 Oct - 19:40

    Hello people of SROL, I am Ryan, though some may know me as Ettick.

    I've been in simracing for what I'd call a short time, especially relative to many other people in the simracing community. The start of my career would be GT6. I played GT6 for a year and a half after release but I don't really count it as simracing much. The game started to feel way too easy after putting over 100 days of playtime into it. So I started to branch out into other games. Game Stock Car was one such game, where I competed in the F1 2000 league run by this site. I had a meh season where I failed to score points but it was a lot of fun. While competing in that league, I was still active in GT6 so I had to split my time between two games that had very different handling.

    I had given iRacing a try a few months after GT6 came out but I didn't get attached to it then. In May this year I figured I'd give it another shot and found myself liking it a lot. Perhaps due to having more experience in PC sims than I did previously. The transition from GT6 was difficult since cars in PC sims, especially iRacing, require a completely different strain of thought. In GT6, tires lose grip much later than in PC sims, so you can brake much later and much harder and go through the corner with your tires smoking. There is also no specific rule of "slow in, fast out;" just getting through the corner as fast as possible is usually the best course of action. PC sims and iRacing in particular demand a completely different style, where slow in, fast out is king. My most raced car is the Solstice, but I think that will turn into the Ford GT after a few weeks in IMSA. I love that car.

    Recently I bought rFactor 2 and the URD mods with the intent to race in VEC, but after about a month I've received no team offers so that may not end up happening.

    My love of rallying goes back as far as my love of simracing. In GT6, I always loved racing on the offroad courses but they were rarely present in the league races that I participated in. I got RBR maybe a few months after getting GT6 and before the Grip TV rallies in it happened. I never got RSRBR working so I could never participate in them though. To this day, I consider RBR's career mode on the hardest difficulty and highest damage setting to be the most difficult game I've ever played; one needs to have serious skill to win a championship with those settings.
    I think I bought DiRT Rally the first day it was out. It is a real godsend in my opinion to have a rally game like this come out at all.

    I'm ecstatic to participate in the rally league on this website. It'll be tons of fun.

    See you guys on the track and hopefully not in the trees.

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