Hello, everyone!



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    Hello, everyone!

    Post by justinofhousepruitt on Sun 20 Dec - 0:01

    I found this place watching Jimmy B's stream uploads to YouTube, and thought I'd give it a go. He seems like a nice enough guy, and everyone in his stream seemed nice enough. This looked like the place it all came from, so, I figured I'd see what's going on 'round here. Smile

    I started off playing LFS, but discovered a love for rally, and ever since I've been smashing Dirt Rally and RBR with bits of LFS strung along the middle.
    Fergus Doyle

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    Re: Hello, everyone!

    Post by Fergus Doyle on Mon 21 Dec - 17:35

    Welcome! Smile

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    Re: Hello, everyone!

    Post by steviejb on Mon 21 Dec - 17:45

    Indeed, welcome sir! Very Happy Our first season is in the process of ending in the next few hours, but check out simracing.club for the next season. Very Happy

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    Re: Hello, everyone!

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