Format & Series Information


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    Format & Series Information

    Post by steviejb on Sat 19 Mar - 0:56


    Monday -- Practice Day 1
    Tuesday -- Practice Day 2
    Wednesday -- Practice Day 3
    Thursday -- 18:00 CET -- Final Practice
    Thursday -- 20:00 CET -- Qualifying
    Thursday -- 20:30 CET -- Warmup
    Thursday -- 20:40 CET -- Race

    * Times are approximate & subject to change depending on technical issues, drivers finishing and small differences in race length.

    - The race server will have the next track in the championship loaded on the Monday before the next event at 1pm CET for unlimited running.
    - Each driver gets 12 laps in the 30 minute qualifying session.
    - Formation/Standing start; Leader must not exceed 80 MPH/130 KPH.
    - Drivers must be able to lap within 110% of the fastest time set in qualifying and/or lap consistently without crashing or endangering other cars during practice and qualifying. If you are unable to do so, you will be asked to leave.
    - To score points, you must finish 70% of the race.
    - 100% Damage.
    - Black flag only, no safety cars.
    - Auto-Clutch, Blip and Lift allowed
    - 1x Fuel, Tyres and normal mechanical failures

    For this series we will be running with parc fermé. Due to this, you must choose which tyre compound (soft or medium) you want to race on and also qualify on it. You get new tyres every time you escape back to the pits in qualifying and start on new tyres, but you can not change from soft to medium during qualifying or the race.

    Tyre compound
    Brake duct
    Weight distribution
    Rear wing
    All "Garage 2" options in the setup menu

    Unlike our 2015 season where we used our own physics base, we'll be running what Reiza have provided in the shape of the outstanding Formula V10.

    For this series, we will be running tracks that are only available after purchasing DLC for Automobilista. To compete in every race this season, you will need the following
    Legendary tracks part 1: Imola
    Legendary tracks part 3: Hockenheim (once released)

    I understand there will be people who want to do hundreds and hundreds of laps on the tracks we're actually going to race on, but I would really appreciate it if people would honour the format posted and NOT test offline while the server isn't running the current track. There is obviously no way of enforcing this, so I'm really looking to you guys to go along with it. When the track goes up on the server, by all means, drive as much as you please.

    1st - 10
    2nd - 8
    3rd - 6
    4th - 5
    5th - 4
    6th - 3
    7th - 2
    8th - 1

    There are no points for pole position, laps led or fastest lap.

    There will be both a drivers and constructors championships.

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