SROL Racing Rules & Regs (UPDATED: 6th Jan 2017)


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    SROL Racing Rules & Regs (UPDATED: 6th Jan 2017)

    Post by steviejb on Sun 1 May - 22:38

    SROL Rules & Regulations

    Every single driver is expected to adhere to the following set of regulations. If you don't feel you can, then do not race.


    1.1 - Do not flame, insult or in any way act in a manner that disrespects others or causes personal issues. You will be banned from the league.

    1.2 - No text or voice chat during qualifying.

    1.2.1 - No text chat during the race.

    1.2.2 - No excessive voice chat during the race.

    1.2.3 - If you are on TeamSpeak, you are expected to either use push to talk OR set up voice activation so it doesn't activate excessively.


    2.1 - All drivers are expected to keep two wheels inside the white lines at all times.

    2.1.1 - There will on occasions be exceptions to 2.1. These will be posted in the race thread. If not posted, you are expected to adhere to 2.1.

    2.2 - Drivers are expected to keep within any pit lane blend lines that are on the track; entry and exit.

    2.2.1 - If there are no pit lane bend lines, drivers should stay on side of the track where the pits exit until there is clear space to join the racing line.

    2.3 - Should anyone be found to have intentionally wrecked someone in any official session, you face being banned from the league.

    2.4 - Drivers rejoining after an incident or from an off-track must resume in a safe manner. This may mean driving forwards and/or reversing to a safe area to then merge into the flow of traffic. When possible, please do not rejoin near a corner entry, apex or exit.

    2.5 - Drivers must run with mirrors on.

    2.6 - If you have a damaged car that is running significantly off pace, do not drive on the racing line.

    2.7 - You can not flash your headlights at other cars. Either have them on or off.

    2.7.1 - Do not run with headlights on in rFactor 1, Stock Car Extreme or Automobilista unless it is dark enough to warrant using them.

    2.8 - In all official sessions, you are expected to run with your pit speed limiter ON in the pit lane.


    3.1 - You can queue at at the end of the pit lane before the light goes green.

    3.1.1 - Whilst you can queue, it can only be in single file. Do NOT push your way to the front of the line. If you do this, you will have to sit out qualifying at the next event.

    3.2 - Ensure the track is clear before leaving the pit lane.

    3.3 - If you are on an outlap and receive a blue flag, you are expected to make every effort to get out of the way of the car on a hot lap. Failure to do so could result in a penalty if you are judged to have impeded the car on a hot lap.


    4.1 - The pole sitter should not exceed 130 KPH (80 MPH).

    4.2 - Give yourself at least 3-4 car lengths between you and the car in front.

    4.3 - Weaving to get heat into your tyres is not allowed.

    4.3.1 - Brake warming is allowed through dragging your brakes, but do not let it compromise your speed.

    4.3.2 - You are not allowed to brake and accelerate suddenly. This causes issues to those behind you that can quickly cascade down the order.

    4.4 - Do NOT perform burnouts as you are forming up on the grid. Get into your grid slot as quickly and as safely as possible.


    5.1 - The orange zone is a specific area of the track or amount of laps in which penalties gained in those sections will be severely increased.

    5.2 - Race starts and the first lap are under orange zone.


    6.1 - Defending your position by choosing the line you're going to take into the corner is allowed, but do so in a predictable and safe manner.

    6.1.1 - Reactionary moves are not allowed. You must choose your line for the corner and stick to it.

    6.1.2 - If the driver trying to overtake you has any part of their alongside you, do not squeeze them towards the edge of the track. They have earned the right to a lane beside you.

    6.2 - No move can be initiated through contact. If you touch the car in front to make space to pass, back out of it or let them back through if you gain the place.

    6.2.1 - Whilst wheels and doors will sometimes touch, do not excessively lean on the car outside you to pass them.

    6.3 - Do not brake check or brake excessively early.

    6.4 - Use of the pit speed limit is prohibited to start the race.


    To have an incident looked at, send a PM to Stephen Bailey (steviejb). The incident will then be looked at by a group of people and a judgement (if any is needed) will be written and explained in the race thread.


    We reserve the right to apply any penalty we see fit. The penalties can be anything from grid drops, time penalties, disqualification or being forced to start from pit lane.

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