Stuttering in rFactor, and how I fixed it

    Göran Strandh

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    Stuttering in rFactor, and how I fixed it

    Post by Göran Strandh on Sun 21 Jul - 11:35

    I thought that I should share the sollution to my stuttering problems in case some of you happens to be in the same situation.

    As you know I had a major issue with stuttering in the first race of the season. It was so bad I had to abort the race.
    The problem wasn't frames and it wasn't lag either, even if I thought so at first. After some digging on various forums I found one solution that felt as good as any - i.e a longshot - but the author of the post claimed it worked for him so I gave it a try. ( Found it here => )

    He claimed that the file "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable (x86)" that caused the stuttering.

    Ok, I uninstalled all those files that were ment for a 32 bit system (x86) and left the 64bit files be. The result was that it worked. rFactor goes as smooth as possible again. Had no issues whats so ever in the round 2 races.

    However - It turned out that my anti virus program, Avast, used one of those uninstalled C++ files - the 2008 version to be exact - so it stopped working, refused to load, went dead, didn't fullfilled it purpose anymore...

    I reinstalled Avast to doublecheck and yes it did install one of those x86 C++ again... So I switched from Avast to Comodo antivirus instead because I already used the Comodo firewall. Comodo doesnt need those x86 C++ so should be fine now Smile

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    Chris James

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    Re: Stuttering in rFactor, and how I fixed it

    Post by Chris James on Tue 13 May - 23:41

    Fixed my issue. I'd have stuttering on fixed intervals; every 1/3 seconds I'd get a freeze, like clockwork. Between freezes it was smooth as can be. I had to delete ALL of the x86 instances of C++ though, not just 2010. Thanks.

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