ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

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    ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

    Post by John Bacho on Thu 1 Aug - 15:55

    SEASON 1 - ROUND 4
    August 3rd @ Silverstone


    I said "GOOD DAY", sir! It's August! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I know a lot of the Europeans are on vacation and I'm crossing my fingers that they've enjoyed the beaches, wines and sights from across the continent already; all of them rested and rejuvenated for Round 3 of Sim Race Online GT3s!

    Huzzah for Ol Nosey!

    So we've had a bit of a blow-out as far as points in the GT3 Championship are concerned. That's ok though! Don't let your lack of points or results get you down. What we're here to do is perform to the best of our abilities and race hard against those near us. From what I've seen, that's been the case at the very front & all the way at the back.

    I'm hoping Stephen Bailey can keep himself healthy for this track, it's always important for a Brit to win his home race. Anders Nilsson has revealed that this isn't his favourite track to drive on, but he's still a favourite to contend for a podium at the very least. And who knows, maybe Jimmy Broadbent will be slower w/ a steering wheel than he was with a PS3 Controller?

    We're now officially halfway through our opening season and already I'm thinking about Season 2. I've been trying to twist some more arms to get them on the grid, but many have other commitments in this busy vacation period. If you know of some friendly & consistent drivers that you think would fit in around here, please let me know their names and point them to the forum! My goal is to have at least 20 drivers here for every event in the upcoming season. But it's good to acclimate them to the league before this current season ends.

    The races themselves have gone by without many hitches besides the usual issues drivers have with
    their gear or internet connections. Other than that I've been really happy with how smooth the actual conducting of races has gone.

    I can't wait to see you all on track here in Northamptonshire, it's one hell of a scratch-made version!


    "I'm not sure we're the same species."

    Awright geeezzaa! Silverstone Circui' is a British motor racin' circui' next ter da Northamptonshire villages ov Silverstone an' Whittlebury. The circui' straddles da Northamptonshire an' Buckinghamshire border, wiv da curren' main circui' en'ry on da Buckinghamshire side. The Northamptonshire towns ov Towcester (5 miles) an' Brackley (7 miles) an' Buckinghamshire town ov Buckingham (6 miles) are close by, an' da nearest large towns are Northampton an' Milton Keynes.

    Silverstone is built on da site ov a World War II Royal Air Force bomber stashun, RAF Silverstone, which opened in 1943. The airfield's free runways, in classic WWII triangle fawmat, lie wivin da outline ov da presen' track.

    Silverstone was first used fer motorspawt by an ad 'oc group ov friends who set up an impromptu race in September 1947. One ov their members, Maurice Geoghegan, lived in nearby Silverstone village an' was aware what da airfield was deserted. He an' eleven uvver drivers raced over a two mile circuit, durin' da caaahrse ov which Geoghegan 'imself ran over a sheep what 'ad wandered onto da airfield. The sheep was killed an' da car written off, an' in da aftermarf ov dis even' da infawmal race became known as da Jenson Button Grand Prix.

    The next year da Royal Automobile Club an' allk a lease on da airfield an' set aaaht a mawer fawmal racin' circuit. Their first two races was 'eld on da runways 'emselves, wiv long straights separated by tight 'airpin corners, da track demarcated by 'ay bales. However, fer da 1949 In'ernashunal Trophy meeting, i' was decided ter switch ter da perimeter track. This arrangemen' was used fer da 1950 an' 1951 Grands Prix. In 1952 da start line was moved from da Farm Straight ter da straight linkin' Woodcote an' Copse corners, an' dis layaaaht remained largely unaltered fer da followin' 38 years. For da 1975 meetin' a chicane was introduced ter 'ry ter tame speeds fruff da migh'y Woodcote Johnny Horner (althuff MotoGP would still use da circui' wivaaaht da chicane up until 1986), an' Bridge Johnny Horner was subtly rerouted in 1987. Sorted mate.


    • Turn one here is rather quick. There will likely be different lines going into the first of the two braking zones before the start of the Wellington straight. Be mindful!
    • I anticipate high tyre wear at this circuit. It's a long lap with several high speed corners.
    • If you have to make a pit-stop, make sure to stay within the blend line on exit. It empties out into a rather precarious position.
    • This track has heavy flow from one corner to the next. If you find yourself going wide at the beginning of a sequence, the time lost will compound dramatically on itself. The qualifying spread from first to last position will probably be larger than usual.


    17:00 GMT -- Official Practise begins
    19:00 GMT -- Qualifying (12:00 Pacific / 15:00 Eastern)
    19:15 GMT -- Warmup
    19:25 GMT -- Feature Race -- 22 laps
    20:10 GMT -- Warmup*
    20:20 GMT -- Sprint Race* -- 11 laps

    * Times are approximate & subject to change depending on technical issues, drivers finishing and small differences in race length.

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    youtube, ya pillock.

    Post by John Bacho on Thu 1 Aug - 15:55

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    Technical bits, you cheeky twat.

    Post by John Bacho on Thu 1 Aug - 15:56

    I didn't want to take pics of every corner, but a lot of them have bumpy orange bits or red sausages on the inside. The edge of the track here at Silverstone is the kerb, not the grass, grasscrete or astroturf.


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    Re: ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

    Post by steviejb on Thu 1 Aug - 18:29

    John Bacho wrote:

    Oh how I wish the Super Touring mod didn't suck big donkey balls. Sad 

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    Re: ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

    Post by jabber09 on Sat 3 Aug - 14:28

    I may or may not make this.... Work called this morning.....

    Chris James

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    Re: ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

    Post by Chris James on Sat 3 Aug - 16:03

    My wife got called in again, watching the baby. I'm gonna try to put her to sleep for a nap right before the race, but it will be iffy. I probably won't be on TS.
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    Re: ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

    Post by Someguy 1 on Sat 3 Aug - 16:34

    Göran Strandh

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    Re: ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

    Post by Göran Strandh on Sat 3 Aug - 20:03

    Sorry for not finnishing the race - the pain in the back came back and I just couldnt make it.

    Anders Nilsson

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    Re: ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

    Post by Anders Nilsson on Sat 3 Aug - 20:06

    To bad to hear Göran Sad  and i lost Connection running second after Erik Mad

    Race2 Shocked Sry John no way to go Sad 

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    Re: ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

    Post by Bob van Ingen on Sat 3 Aug - 20:43

    1st race here.. Good fun! Fast drivers!! Cool 
    Thx for the fun all. Cya next time.
    Nick Woodbury

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    Re: ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

    Post by Nick Woodbury on Sun 4 Aug - 2:11

    Overall, a great weekend.

    A 4th and a 5th between the two races should help the points situation and make up for my early retirement at the Spa 1.5 hours.

    Definitely looking forward to Road Atlanta next Saturday. Hopefully we can keep up the good grid numbers from Silverstone.

    Until then, see you on the track!

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    Re: ROUND FOUR Preview -- August 3rd @ Silverstone

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