Series Format & Rules


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    Series Format & Rules

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    17:00 GMT -- Official Practise begins
    19:00 GMT -- Qualifying (12:00 Pacific / 15:00 Eastern)
    19:15 GMT -- Warmup
    19:25 GMT -- Feature Race
    20:05 GMT -- Warmup*
    20:15 GMT -- Sprint Race*

    * Times are approximate & subject to change depending on technical issues, drivers finishing and small differences in race length.

    There are two races per event. First we’ll have a Feature Race that lasts approximately 45 minutes in laps. Between races there is a 10 minute break to reset the grid for a reverse order start in the following 20 minute Sprint Race. Those positions are determined via a random draw of numbers 6 thru 10 by an Admin. The grid will reverse from that drawn position and ordered for the rest of the field.


    - 15 minutes of Private Qualifying
    - Formation/Standing start; Leader cannot exceed 100 mph / 160 kmh
    - 50% Damage; the front-splitter falls off at 40 mph / 64 kmh
    - Black flag only, no safety cars. Includes Blue flags.
    - Auto-Clutch, Blip and Lift allowed
    - 1x Fuel, Tyres and Mechanical Failures
    - No success ballast


    (Feature / Sprint)
    25 - 1st - 10
    20 - 2nd - 8
    16 - 3rd - 6
    13 - 4th - 5
    11 - 5th - 4
    10 - 6th - 3
     9 - 7th - 2
     8 - 8th - 1
     7 - 9th
     6 - 10th
     5 - 11th
     4 - 12th
     3 - 13th
     2 - 14th
     1 - 15th

    There are no points for pole position, laps lead or fastest lap.

    Two drivers may enter as teammates towards a Team Championship. They must drive the same make and have a similar livery. Everyone else is listed as an Independent.

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    John Bacho

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    • Added 9/10: Warnings via the Steward Report are active until the end of a driver's subsequent race. Accruing another Warning in this period will result in an automatic 5-grid place penalty during the next Qualifying period. The system resets after the penalty is applied.

    • Car selection for a season is final upon a driver entering qualifying.

    • Race restarts are allowed for technical glitches (FFB, graphics, clients crashing, formation lap incidents), but not for individual racing incidents. >50% of the field wiped out at the start will bring out the Red flag for a restart. Do not ask for a restart in chat or on Teamspeak unless you have a technical issue listed above; the Admins will communicate with each other to determine when to throw the flag for large Lap 1 accidents.

    • Admins (Bacho, Bailey, Schuman) will review races for rule infractions that may result in warnings or penalties. Protests & appeals must be sent in before the beginning of the next race. Lap 1 incidents will be watched thoroughly.

    • The pitlane is closed at the start of every Warmup due to last minute rule reminders, cutting exceptions, admins writing down grid orders, etc.

    • On the Formation lap, please do not lay rubber down at your starting position. Calmly fall into a single-file line with a 2 car-length gap to the car in front. Warm your tyres and pads by gently riding the brakes; no lateral weaving from side-to-side. Slowly approach your red rectangle grid spot on the start/finish straight to avoid an overshoot. If a car spins off circuit during this time, tag on to the rear of the field for the remainder of the lap and be the last to find your original grid position.

    • Cutting: Two wheels on the kerb and two on the grass is a cut. Four wheels on wide kerbs (e.g. Turn 5 Road Atlanta, Spa bus-stop chicane, exit of Cataluyna, 2nd chicane at Zolder, Ascari exit at Monza) is fine. A mistake every now is OK, but habitual or intentional offenses will be penalised. Track exceptions will be highlighted in the forum and/or during warm-up.

    • No chopping, brake-checking, bump-passing, dive-bombing, weaving or blocking by altering lines more than once per corner. Basically: race each other fair.

    • The passing car is responsible for making a safe pass. However, it is both drivers’ responsibility to ensure a safe pass is made. Failure to do so may result in a penalty to one or both drivers. Give racing room to each other during an overtake. Both cars have to respectfully share the tarmac. *

    • Gentleman's Rule (GR) -- If a driver is involved in an incident they feel they may be responsible for initiating, it is strongly encouraged that the offending driver apply the GR by safely giving the position back to the offended driver. This is online racing equivalent of saying “my fault, sorry”. Drivers clearly observing the GR after an incident may receive a reduction to their penalty if one is applied. *

    • Headlights may only be used for Pit Entry/Exit, off-track excursions, damaged & slow moving cars and to allow leading cars through via the Blue flag.

    • Blue flags -- Drivers being lapped must help the passing driver complete a safe pass within a maximum of 4 corners. Lapped cars must maintain a predictable racing line until the pass is completed. Lifting early for brake zones and getting on the power late helps the leading cars immensely. Also, it is suggested that lapped cars 'flash' the lead car through w/ their headlights if they are clearly giving way. *

    • Drivers entering and exiting the pits must follow the blend lines and use their headlights. Stay within the merge line while exiting, even if the track is clear.

    • If for any reason a car becomes disabled in pitlane, on track, or in a run off area, press ESC and exit to the rFactor Monitor. A parked car will cause a confusing yellow flag in that area for the remainder of the race. After doing so, please remain on the server until the end of the event. This prevents the possibility of crashing other rFactor clients that remain in the race. *

    • Drivers rejoining after an incident or from an off-track must resume the race in a safe manner. This may mean driving forwards and/or reversing to a safe area to then merge into the flow of traffic. When possible, please do not rejoin near a corner entry, apex or exit. Turn lights off once up to speed. *

    • No chatting during Qualifying or Races except for “Entering/Exiting pit’ messages on the server. Exceptions for the Teamspeak server.

    • No post-race “destruction derbys” allowed. These high quality models break apart in a way that destroys framerates. It’s not fair to the people still racing on track to make their game hitch. Cross the line, do a cool down lap, donuts, flash your lights or simply hit ESC.

    • Acting like a child when things don’t go your way will not be tolerated on the server or in the forums. Respect everyone from the outset as fellow sim racers that are trying their best to lap to the best of their ability.

    * Rule inspired by VLMS regulations

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