SEASON 2, ROUND FIVE Preview -- Snetterton 300

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    SEASON 2, ROUND FIVE Preview -- Snetterton 300

    Post by John Bacho on Sat 5 Oct - 13:58

    SEASON 2 - ROUND 5
    October 5th @ Snetterton 300


    Forgive my lack of enthusiasm lately. The low grid counts for the series have killed my inspiration to do proper previews and reports. Soon I'll post a message about the future of the series.

    Stephen Bailey appears to be on his way to a decisive championship (though rumour has it his wheel might have died just now), but don't let that dissuade all of you from racing! We mortals have plenty fo fight over in these last two rounds.

    This is the newly revised Snetterton circuit from a couple years back which adds corners into the middle sector. Due to my eyes having a hard time seeing the dark track surface, I'm allowing my car to run with headlights. Sorry if this is distracting, but I honestly don't think I'll be near anyone long enough to bother them Sad.

    Otherwise it's same 'ol same 'ol as far as rules go.

    The Feature race is 25 laps and the Sprint will be 12 laps.

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    Re: SEASON 2, ROUND FIVE Preview -- Snetterton 300

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